Addie’s Take: Feb 13-23

We left Mississippi and drove to New Orleans. We went to checkout the town. I tried a burger for the first time. I accidentally stuffed myself at home before I tried it. It didn’t really taste good.

We tried Kingcake to celebrate Mardi Gras. We went to Rouses grocery and got the Bavarian Crème. It was delicious.

Makenzie and Gavin came down to visit. We took them exploring around the town and we had diner at the Redfish. I got a new shirt and leggings.

We went to the zoo. We saw elephants, lions, macaws and gorillas. Makenzie and I took pictures at the photo booth.

We saw flamingos. They were the same kind of flamingos we saw in Aruba at Flamingo Island.

We saw a tiger; it was beautiful.

We saw African painted dogs. They are dogs that are “painted” African colors.

We saw orangutans. They were doing tricks, putting on a show and showing off for us.

We got to see howler monkeys. They were climbing around trees and also putting on a show for us. It was fun getting to go to the zoo and see all the animals.

We went to the art history museum to see cool art. My favorite art was the funky art. We went to the sculpture garden and saw cool sculptures, like alphabet man.

We did a Voodoo tour the next day and learned a lot of interesting stories. My favorite story was the vampire one in the movie Interview With A Vampire. Tom Cruise’s character is based off of Count St Germain. Don’t know about the vampire part though.

We did Mardi Gras parades the next day and saw two Krewes, the Krewe of Iris and Krewe of Tucks.

The floats were really pretty. There were so many! The parade lasted all day.

We collected beads and other cool stuff.

It was a lot of fun in New Orleans. I had a good time there. I hope I get to go back and visit there again one day.

After New Orleans we went to a campground a few hours west that was like a swamp. It also had a disc golf course. It reminded me of the movie Where The Crawdads Sing. It was a nice break from the city.

We saw that Caper’s and Chance’s hair was getting too long, so we decided it was time for a shave. Our razor died as we were finishing shaving Chance. They still look handsome though.

It was a lot of fun in Louisiana. Hope we get to comeback someday.

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