Addie’s Take: Feb 24-Mar 15

Once we left Louisiana, we made it to Tyler, Texas and stayed one night on a lake.

The next day we moved to a campground north of Dallas/Fort Worth in Highland Village.

We Explored Dallas. We saw a Bull sculpture and a cowboy sculpture. There were a lot of bulls.  We drove through Sundance Square in Dallas. It was kind of like Charlotte. I liked driving through the city. We went to MesoMaya for lunch. Dad got a woodfired steak. I normally don’t like steak, but it was really good steak.  I got street corn, beans and rice.

We got to experience Torchy’s Tacos, which started out as a food truck in Austin and now has lots of sit down restaurants. I got an egg and potato breakfast taco and a fried avocado taco. I wanted to try them because I have not had a breakfast taco and I haven’t heard of a fried avocado taco before.  They were delicious. It was a fun day.

The next day we went to Fort Worth.  We drove to an old part of town, Historic Stockyards and we drove through an old train station, that was turned into a mall.

We went to WoodShed Smokehouse for lunch. It was really cool that they allow dogs; they even have a separate menu for them.  We didn’t bring ours unfortunately. We got them a little present though, which were bones. I got Thai cauliflower and crispy potatoes. It was really good. We also got beer cheese fondue, which was delicious.

We then went to a Botanical Garden to see the orchid display. Mom loves orchids.

We saw a variety of different types of orchids, some from South America, Asia and Australia. Mom wished she could take some home with her. She  even went to the store and bought one. 

We went to Shannon Brewery. We found out that the owner’s name is Shannon, which was pretty cool.

It was fun exploring Dallas and Fort Worth. We have taken the RV to 9 states so far.

We then went south to Waco. Once we settled in, I did some schoolwork.

We hung-out outside enjoying the view. Chance wanted to be so close to Dad, that he put himself on the stool in front of him. He is so funny.

The dogs love their Christmas present. Caper especially loves hanging out in the chair and keeping an eye on us.

We went to Magnolia Market, which is based off of the show, Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines.

We went to the market area, hung-out and ate lunch. We also went to the bakery and got cupcakes. I got lemon lavender, Mom got coconut and Dad got carrot cake. All the cupcakes were delicious. We also got bacon cheddar biscuits, (Joanna calls them prize pigs.) We liked them so much, Dad has started making them for us.

Another day we went to the original Dr. Pepper Factory.

I got a Big Red float, Mom got a regular Dr. Pepper and Dad got an A&W Root Beer float.

We did both a Make-a-Soda experience and a Taste-a-Soda experience.  We each made different sodas. I created Tropical Lagoon with blue raspberry, grape and pineapple. It was pretty good.

Mom called her creation, Summer Days made with rose and vanilla. Dad made Captain’s Cola with cherry, orange and vanilla. We got to take our sodas home and I drank all of them.

We tasted six different sodas in the Taste-a-soda. We had to guess what they were and rank them based on look, taste, smell and texture and decide which were our favorite and which ones were our least favorite.  I want to do a soda taste test with my sisters one day.

The next day we went hiking. We hiked up these narrow steps up to a park where there was a country club for events like weddings. It was pretty neat. We also went to a fountain. Which was pretty cool. We then went to Lover’s Leap which was beautiful. It was a fun, exhausting day.

The next morning Caper and I were having a chill morning, before we got on with our day.

Later, we went to Waco Mammoth National Monument. Mammoths are kinda like elephants, but they were a lot taller and lived a really long time ago.

We saw fossils of mammoths, a saber tooth tiger and a camel all from the ice age. It was really cool to see all the fossils.

It was a lot of fun in Waco.

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