Addie’s Take: Nov. 14-21

We started out on our first adventure with the RV. We left Asheville and started to head out for our first stop in South Carolina at Santee Lake. It was beautiful.

It is called Santee Lake because it is on a lake. Within the lake there was a lagoon with a playground. It reminded me a little bit of Wildcat Lake.  It is a lake in North Carolina with a playground and picnic tables. The only difference is it has brown water instead of blue water.

We also saw a couple of different types of wildlife because we were mostly in the woods. We saw squirrels – Caper and Chance tried to chase them. I’ve mentioned Chancy has a girlfriend in every port. Have I mentioned Caper has to get in the water at every port? When we were at the lake Caper tried to get in the water. He was really disappointed he couldn’t get in because the water was too cold and it was time to go.

A couple of days later we went to Jekyll island. We went to lunch at Zachery’s by the pier. We took the dogs to Driftwood Beach but we couldn’t let them off the leash. We went to Dairy Queen and we went into a gift shop we haven’t been to before. I got saltwater taffy. Jekyll was fun. I wish we could’ve stayed longer.

A few days later we went to Beverly Beach Florida. It was cold when we got there. I had a beautiful view from my bedroom window of the ocean.

Then, we went to Orlando. We need to get ready to have Makenzie, Ella and Makenzie’s boyfriend Gavin on the RV. I can’t wait to see them.

Being on the RV is very fun. It is very different from being in Asheville and I do miss my friends. However, I am also happy to be on this wonderful adventure. I can visit my friends when I come back to Boone.

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