Addie’s Take: Christmas 2022

We went to North Carolina for Christmas.

We went to Charlotte to see Grandad and Nana. We saw Mikaela and David and went, brewery hopping with them. We had a nice get together. It was a lot of fun.

We went to a French breakfast place. It was really good. I got golden crepes. They were delicious. We went to Boone and stayed at a cabin at Seven Devils. It was really cold.

We were gonna go to Greensboro on the 24th to see Mom’s family, but then we got snowed in. Caper and Saba are getting acquainted with one another.

Makenzie got Saba in October, shortly after her kitty Gracie passed away.

On Christmas Day we opened presents. I got a lip balm kit, a window art kit, a nice headband, a marvel poster, socks, and lots of other cool things. 

We went to Greensbro on the 26th, we hung-out.  Ella, Aiden and I played Mario Kart on the Nintendo and with her new Oculus. We also played Kahoot on the computer through our phones. We did presents. I got them sleep masks, lip balm and lotion. Makenzie, Ella and I all got socks and some candy bars to share. We saw Gavin the next day and had brunch.

I got to see my friend Brendan. We hung-out and watched The Three Stooges and watched Free Guy. He got me a mug for Christmas. 

We went to Asheville for New Years. I also got a little bit of an early birthday present from Mel. We went to Biltmore and saw the all different rooms and areas of the house: such as the library, pool, and tapestry room. We also checked out the shopping area of Biltmore and got some souviners. It was a lot of fun.

Mel and I did a polar plunge. Well not exactly a polar plunge, but it felt cold to us.

We headed inside to get changed and watched Dad and Don play pool.

We went to Grove Park to see the gingerbread houses. The gingerbread house competition was for all ages. They were pretty cool. Everyone who made the gingerbread houses was very talented.

When we saw this gingerbread house. It immediately made us think of our friend Kent, who used to be a band instructor.

We got hot chocolate. There were different ways you could order hot chocolate. I got traditional. We also enjoyed a nice view. It was amazing to go to Groove Park and see the gingerbread houses.

We stopped at one of our favorite places Ginger’s Revenge, well Mom’s favorite place. Ginger’s Revenge has alcoholic ginger beer. I had a shrub seltzer. It’s seltzer water with scrub flavoring in it. It was fun seeing Don and Mel and being able to spend New Years with them. Hope we get to see them again soon.

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