Addie’s Take: Dec 1-18, 2022

We went to Fort De Soto. It was a beautiful place. There was a lot of water around us. Unfortunately the dogs could not get in the water.  

We have been to Fort De Soto before. We came to Fort De Soto for Easter. Mikahla and David came to visit at Fort De Soto. We went to the beach and hungout. We went back to the RV to roast Marshmallows.  It was great seeing them; hope we get to see them again.

Curry Hammock State Park, We went Kayaking one morning to a sandbar. It was a pretty nice sandbar. 

We went to Hutchinson Island. It had a nice view, amazing concrete and a lot of grass for the dogs. My room had a great view. Mom made a window seat.

It also had a lot of great activities and amenities such as a pool and a rec center. Mom and I did Zumba there. We followed along to a VHS tape of the guy who first invented zumba. It was definitely an interesting experience. We celebrated Mom’s Birthday: Happy Birthday. We went to Kyle G’s Steak House.

Hutchinson Island was a lot of fun. Hope we get to see it again.

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