Addie’s Take: Jan. 6-23, 2023

After NC, we went to an RV resort in St Augustine, FL. It was an amazing place and it had a nice pool.

Ella came down to visit. We walked to Kookaburra, an Australian coffee shop next door to the rv resort. We got breakfast and lunch there one day. We got Aussie pies. This was my first time trying Aussie pies. We got sweet potato, veggie curry, egg with rosemary and a bacon with swiss. They were delicious. My favorite was the veggie curry.

We took the dogs to the beach to let them run around and play. The dogs took on a new hobby, bird hunting. When they saw a bird they started chasing after it. Caper was so determined to get a bird that he almost knocked the wind out of me when I fell down running after him, literally and figuratively.

It was also my birthday month. Mikeala and David came to visit. We went shopping, I got a new pillow.

We went to Old Coast Ales and Osprey Tacos. We went to Itty Bitty Donuts and I got a fruity pebbles donut. It was so cool how the donuts were half the size of a normal donut. We went to MoHo Barbecue. We were craving barbecue. The next night we ate at an Italian restaurant.  We did a lot of eating out with David and Mikaela. It was awesome!!

Mel gave me a big surprise when she came to be with me for my birthday.

My 18th birthday came. 

I chose to go to Old Coast Ales Brewery/Osprey Tacos again! I got a spicy tofu taco, it was delicious. Ella got it last time we were there and I tried hers, so I knew I wanted my own this time. We played a card game called, Gnoming Around, it’s basically golf but with gnomes.

We walked around downtown and I got gourmet popcorn, taffy, macaroons, fudge and special popsicles.

We went shopping and then we went to the movie theater to see A Man Called Otto.

For dinner we got food from Sakada Japanese Steak House. Grandad and Nana had recommended this place. I really enjoyed my lo mein, fried rice and egg rolls.

We went to Mayport Seafood Restaurant, I got a crabcake. We had been there years before when we went to Jacksonville for summer vacation. It was really cool to go back. We also went to Pussers. When the GPS pronounced Pussers she started saying it funny, we laughed about that; you had to be there to understand. It was fun seeing Mel. I can’t wait to see her again. 

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  1. Happy 18th Birthday! I would
    Love to spend time in the pool
    With you reading! Let us know the next time you are in St. Augustine area. We love those same restaurants!

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