Addie’s Take: Jan 23-Feb 12

We went to St. Andrews State Park at Panama City Beach. We’ve been to Panama City Beach a few years ago in the summer. Makenzie got me a new outfit for my birthday, although it works great for Valentine’s Day.

I made homemade lip balms. I got a lip balm kit for Christmas. Who knew making lip balms was that easy. I learned that the different textures of lip balm and Chapstick depends on how much beeswax you use. They turned out like I hoped they would. It was a lot of fun.

We went to the beach. The beach was by the jetty, which helps protect the shore from the tides. It was really cool.

The dogs and I like hanging out on their chair and getting a little bit of outside time.

We went kayaking around to explore and check things out. We got see the seasons start to change from winter to spring. We were gonna kayak to this one restaurant, but it wasn’t open for the season yet.

We went to the beach again another day. They had a food truck where they sell hotdogs and hamburgers. I got a hotdog. It reminded me of Maho Bay in St Thomas.

We went to the Davis Bayou museum in Mississippi and learned lots of interesting stuff about the bayous. We learned about the Gulf Islands National Seashore which are barrier islands that protect the shore from erosion.

We learned about one of the islands, Cat island. We learned that Cat Island got it’s name because of the resident raccoons. It was also where they would train dogs during World War II. Pretty Ironic.

We learned that the Mississippi Sound is where a lot of animals live and build nursery’s one example is sea turtles. Sea turtles lay their eggs and then baby sea turtles hatch.

We went to the Walter Anderson Museum. We learned that he traveled around the Mississippi Gulf and painted what he saw. Some of his most famous paintings were of the barrier islands.

We went for walks around the campground. We saw a disc golf course. We checked out the cabins and saw the beautiful inland waters.

We made snickerdoodle cheesecake cookies like the ones from Appalachian Cookie Company. It is a cookie shop in Boone. They were delicious.

3 thoughts on “Addie’s Take: Jan 23-Feb 12”

  1. Addie,
    I love reading about your adventures! You make me feel as if I am there too! Have fun!
    Barbara McSwain

  2. Hi Addie! I love that you always have new adventures and fun things to do. Cute new outfit! I bet it is warm enough to wear shorts where you are! We can’t wait to see you this summer!❤️❤️Kathy&Kent

  3. Looks like fun!! My friend is a realtor in Destin. She thinks we should move to Panama City Beach after we sell El Jefe.

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