Addie’s Take: Mar 16-25

We left Waco and went to Austin. When we arrived at the KOA there was a pool. It was amazing to see a pool again. It was really warm outside. I went to the pool. 

The KOA did a pancake breakfast, which was really good. After breakfast, the SXSW festival was going on and we went to an art fair as part of it.

For lunch, we went Hopdaddy burger bar in Austin. It was delicious.

Of course, we went to a brewery. I got a caramel apple soda and popcorn. We also got fried pickles, fried deviled eggs and onion rings.

We went to a town near Austin for dinner and to see the Addams Family play. It was really good. The actors were amazing.

The dogs got new bones from the brewery yesterday – they are very happy.

The next day we went to the Rodeo. There was a carnival outside the rodeo.

We got fair food. Mom and I got corn dogs with cheese, bacon, ranch fries. Dad got mac’n cheese with brisket. It was delicious.

We then watched the rodeo and I got popcorn. There were cowboys riding wild horses, there were cowgirls riding wild horses, there were cowgirls breakaway roping, there were cowboys team roping and there were little kids riding wild sheep. We also watched the Nitty Gritty Dirt band live. They are a Bluegrass band. 

It was a lot of fun in Austin.

After Austin we went to San Antonio. When we got to the RV park It had a creek.

We went to see the Alamo; it was really cool.

We then went to the riverwalk.

We went on a boat ride and got a tour of the riverwalk. We went to see art and go shopping. We then went to a texmex restaurant on the riverwalk

We went to see some of the missions.

I got to try Texas Cola which is made in this area. I really liked it.

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