Mar 26-Apr 15: Corpus Christi and Galveston

We decided to head to the coast a few days early. We had seen everything we wanted to see in San Antonio and we were ready to dip our toes in the ocean.

On our way south, we passed two of the largest windmill farms in Texas. Each farm has hundreds of windmills providing massive amounts of power.

We landed on the southern tip of the Texas coast in Corpus Christi at Gulf Waters RV Resort.

This was a very clean RV community, where each site was individually owned and decorated.

Our spot had an awesome outdoor space including a tiki hut, that provided us lots of shade and privacy during our 12 night stay.

Mak flew down to see us for a week.

She introduced us to Korean corn dogs. They definitely have a very unique taste.

It was a short walk from our site to the beach boardwalk.

We enjoyed many dog walks on the beach.

Unfortunately, on a few days, the water’s edge was covered with Portuguese man o’war that had washed up. They were amazing to see, but nothing I would ever want to encounter in the water.

We kept very busy while Mak was in town.

We painted pottery.

We went shopping.

We ate seafood on the water.

We did a little tanning.

And a little swimming.

We had a great visit with Mak. We were all sad she had to go.

After a short rest, it was time for us to hit the road and explore new lands.

As we made our way north, we saw the coolest thing. The blades of the windmills being transported by train. They are huge.

After a few hours, we arrived in Galveston. We spent 2 nights at the KOA on the inner coastal side.

Addie was determined to use the lazy river even though the recent rain had really cooled the water.

It was a lovely spot.

Next stop was just 3 miles down the road, where we backed the RV right up to the beach.

This put us much closer to the boardwalk and town area.

Don and Mel came to visit for a few days. We got to celebrate Mel’s birthday.

They were staying in the condo right next to the RV park, so we got to have a pool day.

The temperatures were comfortable, but the wind and the recent rain made us all agree that it was not beach weather.

We decided to check out the breweries on the island.

We even made our way to Houston to see how the beer in the city tasted.

We found great beer and fun place to play at Bad Astronaut Brewery. Addie was the air hockey champion.

It was a super visit with the Marletts.

We were at the beach, so of course Ashley found treasures. They were not like any others she had found so far, lots of oyster shells to play around with.

Ashley made a wreath for Mak and Gavin to hang in their new apartment in Charleston SC.

Ashley also kept a small one with what looks like a pearl as her own treasure.

It will be many months before we will see the sunrise over the ocean again.

We had a great time exploring the south Texas coast. This adventure has given us the opportunity to go at our own pace, explore the the things and places that interest us and share this adventure with friends and family.

From here we are making our way back to Boone, NC for graduation.

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  1. We love your pictures and reading about your adventures! Happy trails! Carlos and Barbara McSwain

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